Preconstruction & Planning

Preconstruction Excellence for Inspired Spaces

The hallmark of successful collaboration is making sure that everyone gets something—the Owner gets the project they want, the architect produces a design that delivers for the end users, and we deliver a building that functions as intended well into the future.  The architect and the builder must work in concert to achieve the Owner’s vision. One of our most important roles during pre-construction is to develop an open book approach to pricing that is available to the Owner and design team—balancing form and function with the best available pricing in the market. Using the Target Value Design (TVD) approach we maximize value throughout the project’s development, collaborating with a shared commitment to the schedule and budget development and end goals of the client.

At JMC, we achieve this by adhering to three core tenets:


We foster relationships with the Owner and architect with the goal of developing rapport and a shared understanding of each other and our roles. We seek to understand their communication styles and actively look for ways to establish a sense of team unity.


During pre-construction we meet with the Owner, architect, and all subcontractor disciplines to develop the most cost-effective solutions available in the market in terms of materials, size, and simpler methods of construction—all without compromising the design intent.

Effective Feedback

Using TVD, we exhaust all opportunities to get to where, as a team, we can design and construct a building to fit the project’s needs at the cost the Owner expects. To do this effectively, we must provide timely and ongoing feedback that is informed by the expertise of all parties involved. Our goal is to never shut down an idea without offering an alternative that honors the project’s goals.


  • Identify the project construction requirements within the budget and schedule constraints to assist the team in meeting targets.

  • Analyze project scheduling to anticipate construction time considerations during the design phase and provide solutions to any problems encountered.

  • Provide cost analysis of ways and means of construction and provide advice to improve efficiency of construction during the design phase.

  • Advise the team of materials pricing and recommend revisions to integrate cost efficiency into the design.

  • Value Engineering of any identified cost items which exceed expected amounts.

  • Evaluation of materials and systems for quality to verify value of selections.

  • Facilitate Green Building by applying Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design with our skilled team if the project goal is to comply with LEED.