Clover Park Health Science Center

The Health Science Building at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood is a two-story, 57,000square-foot building that supports the college's growing nursing and health sciences programs.

Client:  State of WA Department of General Administration
Architect:  McGranahan Architects
Contract Value: $15,332,776
Square Footage: 57,000
Completion: 2013

Given the building's location on an occupied campus and near a daycare center, JMC’s team placed high importance on safety measures during the entire construction process, ensuring a safe environment for students, staff, and the community.

The design of the new building is arranged into two wings, separated by a medicinal garden. The north wing serves as a space for classrooms and offices, while the south wing houses a chemistry lab, an anatomy and physiology lab, and computer labs. The project was specifically designed to operate as a fully functioning medical facility with many collaborative spaces in response to the school’s academic needs.

The Health Science Building was constructed with structural steel, replacing an existing structure that was carefully dismantled. A large portion of salvaged materials were reused in the new building, with some additional materials that were all locally outsourced. Timber was one of the most notable reclaimed elements, incorporated into the new design as a main architectural feature, seen in the grand stairs in the lobby, as well as several featured wood beams creating a connection with the previous structure.

The project earned LEED Gold certification due to several high-performing systems, including photovoltaic panels, a hydronic heating system, and large glass windows allowing for an abundance of daylight inside the building. The project was able to divert 98% (132 tons) of construction waste to recycling facilities.  

The Health Science Building was completed on time and within budget, thanks to excellent management and communication between all involved stakeholders during the construction process. As a meaningful recognition of the exceptional work performed, the college board asked JMC to deliver a dedication speech during the project inauguration.