Elliott Bayview Apartments

The Elliott Bayview Apartments, a 7-story building, has been meticulously designed to harmonize with the surrounding neighborhood seamlessly. Its architectural elements artfully integrate the structure into the cityscape, giving the impression that it has been a cherished part of the neighborhood for ages.

Client:  Sustainably Green LLC
Architect:  Jon Graves Architects
Contract Value: $6,648,031
Completion: 2013

Tenants can choose a studio, a one-bedroom, or a two-bedroom unit, each offering breathtaking views of the city or the magnificent views of Elliot Bay. Among the building's many highlights, the rooftop garden stands out as a gathering place for tenants to enjoy.

In line with our team’s commitment to sustainability, the construction of this project was undertaken with great consideration for the environment, resulting in a silver LEED certification. The Elliott Apartments boasts a composition of structural steel, post-tension concrete, light gauge framing, and wood framing, all carefully selected to allow both durability and aesthetic appeal. The exterior flawlessly combines elements of masonry, EFIS, and concrete systems, further enhancing its architectural allure.

Throughout the project, our team at JMC collaborated closely with the owner and architect, employing a cohesive team design-build approach. This collaborative partnership allowed us to use our expertise in value engineering to further benefit the owner. Our team at JMC actively contributed to the design process, enabling to employ innovative techniques such as panelizing the wood framing, effectively expediting the construction timeline.

With a dedication to architectural excellence and a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, our team is proud to have played an integral role in bringing the vision of the Elliott Bayview Apartments to life.