Komachin Elementary School

Komachin Elementary School is undergoing a major modernization that will allow students and teachers to enjoy a new learning experience. This upgrade will bring a modern edge to the building while maintaining its original character.

Client: North Thurston School District
Architect: BCRA
Contract Size: $31,158,000
Square Foot: 133,000

The project is set to occur in five phases, all while the building remains occupied, without interruptions to the academic year.

The existing 105,000 square-foot building will receive a full renovation and 28,000 square feet of added space. All structural elements of the existing building are also being updated to comply with current codes and regulations.

This STEM school modernization features unique features such as gardening space and greenhouses, which will serve as learning tools for the students. Students will have the opportunity to learn about sustainable living and gain hands-on experience in growing their own produce.