Lakeland Elementary

Lakeland was a new 45,000 SF elementary school designed to replace the aging school onsite. Located in Federal Way WA along the I5 corridor. Material access to the site was great as we could approach the project from many different angles.

Client:  Federal Way School District

Architect:  DLR Group

Contract Size: $11,091,000.

Square Footage: 45,000

Completed: 2012

Building Materials: Wood Framed Structure

The new building was going to be wood framed and achieve the high standards of Washington State Sustainable Protocols. The new project was built adjacent to the existing school. Upon completion we were able to abate and demo the existing. This phasing helped allow students and the district avoid major interruption during the project. The new school uses vibrant colors and unique architectural features to enhance student learning. Exposed concrete floors, outdoor reading areas, and grand use of open spaces all provide for an amazing atmosphere. This project was the perfect blend of new design and green technology.