Hazen High School

The Hazen High School in Renton underwent a modernization that revamped the existing 18,000-square-foot building and added 28,000 square feet of new construction. An additional wing was required to accommodate the growing needs of the school, with new classrooms and common learning spaces.

Client:  Renton School District
Architect:  DLR Group
Square Footage: 46,000 (Combined)
Completion: 2012

The new construction is connected to the existing renovated building through a “tranquil garden” that features unique landscaping elements, including a series of fountains. The garden is intended to serve as a communal space for students, staff, and the surrounding residential community.

The new building’s interiors maintain the existing building’s style but with an updated look and feel. To create a functional and productive environment for students and teachers, unique colors and building materials were incorporated, in addition to incorporating some of the latest technologies in the common areas. Polished concrete and fiberglass panels enclose the elevator shaft, providing a custom feature. The design also includes free-floating acoustic clouds that offset noise from the hardened flooring surfaces.

The Hazen School District initiated the project in response to its rapid growth and academic needs. Despite being constructed on an occupied site, JMC’s safety director and superintendents oversaw the construction process to ensure a secure environment for the students, staff, and the community.