Aylen Junior High School

Situated amidst downtown Puyallup's vibrant residential and commercial areas, Aylen Junior High School serves as a prominent educational institution catering to students in the region.

Client: Puyallup School District
Architect: NAC Architecture
Contract Value: $28,465,975
Square Footage: 140,000
Completion: 2009

The new building was constructed on the former football field next to the existing Junior High School at the time. The architectural, construction, and ownership teams collaborated seamlessly throughout the construction process, maintaining a constant on-site presence. This diligent oversight not only prioritized student safety but also swiftly addressed any facility-related concerns that arose. The construction process was thoughtfully phased to ensure minimal disruption to the school's daily activities.

To address safety concerns such as uncertain soil conditions and seismic vulnerabilities, our project team devised a robust foundation plan involving the installation of over 100 auger cast piles drilled deep into the bedrock. This solution added structural stability and optimized space use by elevating the new building above ground level. Additionally, our innovative design included an underground water storage system beneath the new football field, enabling the school to use its limited acreage efficiently.

Today, Aylen Junior High School stands as a versatile facility that not only meets the educational requirements of the region but also fosters community engagement through its multipurpose athletic fields that are open to local teams in the Puyallup area. Our project team created a space embodying functionality and community collaboration by prioritizing innovative design solutions and unwavering attention to students, staff, and the community’s needs.