Aylen Junior High School

Aylen Junior High school was an exciting project built in downtown Puyallup on questionable soil conditions. It was designed and built to sit upon hundreds of augercast piles and contained an underground stormwater storage facility

Client:  Puyallup School District

Architect:  NAC Architects

Contract Size: $35,000,000.

Square Footage: 140,000

Completed: 2009

Building Materials: Steel Framed Structure

This project had a very tight schedule as the district was growing quite rapidly and needed the space to quickly accommodate the students. The new school was built on the football field and track adjacent to the existing junior high school which posed many additional concerns. The integration of all 3 branches of the construction were 100% onsite all the time. The Architect and Owner maintained a constant presence to ensure student safety being and immediately curb any facility issues. Jody Miller Construction had to keep the existing school fully functional throughout construction yet provide an efficient jobsite to build this large project.