Western State Hospital

Western State Hospital has undertaken an expansion project to cater to the growing needs of the facility. The new Kitchen and Pharmacy building is LEED-certified and boasts a brick exterior that complements the existing hospital building style, maintaining the historical aesthetics of the entire campus.

Client:  DSHS
Architect:  NAC Architecture
Contract Value: $22,007,716
Square Footage: 48,0000
Completion: 2021

The building covers an area of 48,000 square feet and is comprised of a metal structural steel frame that extends to the basement with two additional floors above. The interiors are infused with abundant natural light through large windows. The pharmacy is located on the third floor, alongside offices and a state-of-the-art storage system. Though the kitchen was initially designed by a consultant, JMC's team collaborated with their kitchen supplier to customize the final installation. The team conducted several meetings with hospital staff to ensure the equipment and final layouts were tailored to their specific needs, making the design more efficient.

One of the significant challenges encountered during construction was the insufficient existing electrical power supply. JMC's team had to install backup generators and upgrade the entire electrical system to meet the new demands. Safety was also a major concern, and the team, led by JMC's Safety Manager, developed detailed protocols and provided full-time security guards to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, and staff coming in and out of the hospital during construction.

Despite the pandemic’s onset, the project was deemed essential, and continued shortly thereafter. JMC’s team persevered and smoothly integrated the new required health protocols as part of the daily workflow routine, meeting the client's new targeted completion date. This critical project allows the hospital to support additional beds and the ability to compound medication, providing better services to new patients.