Eatonville High School

case study

Originally built in early 1900’s Jody Miller Construction encountered many unique construction additions and remodels as the school continued to grow.

Client:  Eatonville School District

Architect:  Erickson McGovern Architects

Contract Size: $28,000,000.

Square Footage: 120,000

Completed: 2010

Building Materials: Steel/Wood Framed Structure


Remodels of existing schools are always challenging, and Eatonville High School project brought the challenge to another level. During construction the school was partially occupied by students requiring a great deal of phasing and pedestrian protection. Eatonville is a really small town and it involved a historic school that the community treasures. All these features required a great deal of attention to detail. This project had shotcrete reinforced foundation walls and micro-piles to support the over 100-year foundation. This school became a fine blend of old and new construction and Jody Miller Construction was honored to be a part of its history.