Construction Superintendent

Founded in 1976, Jody Miller Construction has turned traditional values and pride into our corporate mission. With the belief that hard work pays off Jody Miller Construction has done just that for over 35 years. Today, we complete many K-12 schools as well as multi-family high rise condominiums and apartment buildings. Jody Miller Construction is now one of the major construction companies in the Puget Sound completing projects throughout Washington and Oregon. Our growth as a company has been strong building on our strength of our past and the technology of the future.

Resource and project management


·        To provide leadership, establish and maintain effective harmonious working relationship of all on site staff, subcontractors and agencies. To promote positive          morale.

·        Have a complete and thorough understanding of the general contract, each subcontract, the contract drawings, specifications and addenda.

·        Examine contract drawings and specifications and addenda for design deficiencies and bring to the project managers attention.

·        To assist the project managers in the development and refinement of the project schedule. Work with the project managers to keep schedules updated and to see          that the job meets the schedule time line. Provide weekly updates with 3- week look aheads.

·        Inspect the work of all subcontractors and Jody Miller Construction field work force.

·        Verify that all subcontractors has completed their contractual requirements. Have the knowledge of each subcontractor, contract, and scope.

·        Schedule all inspections required. Keep all inspection records.

·        Review, update, and approve all asbuilt prints on a weekly basis.

·        Review monthly subcontractors requests for payment with project managers as needed.

·        Facilitate change orders pricing with the project manager for presentation to the owner or architect.

·        Review and approve all time and material vouchers, and invoices if applicable.

·        Chair weekly coordination meetings with subcontractors and provide a written meeting report.

·        Be aware of the project budgets. Strive to meet or beat the budgets.

·        Site management and project layout.

·        Perform all scheduling of labor, subcontractors, suppliers and deliveries.




·        Keep daily job logs with a list of subcontractors on site, deliveries, workers, and second tier subcontractors onsite.

·        Keep an accurate time cards with proper coding.

·        Keep a visitor log.